3 Top Tips For Playing Sportsbooks Online

3 Top Tips For Playing Sportsbooks Online

Through the years sportsbooks have emerged as the most popular tools for making money with sports betting. Nowadays you don’t have to be a genius to see that sportsbooks are becoming a huge moneymaking opportunity. However, when it comes to playing online sportsbooks it can be daunting to try and make any money. Even newbie’s can make money with sports betting, but you need a fairly good strategy in order to be successful. Here are some great tips on how you can start making some money with online sportsbooks.

Sports Betting Tip #1 – Managing Your Money

It’s extremely important that you set aside a reasonable amount of money for your sports betting. This will help you keep your financial risk at a minimum and will allow you to build up a bankroll to make decent returns. This is an area of the game where a lot of online bettors have a hard time. (

One of the most important things to get from any kind of betting is an understanding of bankroll management. You are more than likely to lose your first few bets, but if you don’t set a limit you will never be able to start making any real money.

Another important tip for any bettor is to be patient. Making the right decisions for your money will allow you to make solid picks, but it will also allow you to bet slowly when the time is right. Making the right bet at the right time is extremely important and a lot of bettors overlook this aspect of the game.

Sports Betting Tip #2 – Getting the Odds You Pay For

Many bettors are sick of trying to find the best odds available when it comes to betting on sports. That is a natural reaction, but what you should really be saying is “how much can I really expect to win with this”. A much better strategy is to start betting at least 2% of your bankroll on one game every weekend. Once you have built up a substantial bankroll, you can move to betting 5% of your roll on a game. This way you can get the best odds and you are reducing the risk of busting your bankroll as well.

Sports Betting Tip #3 – Doing Your Homework

If you want to make money betting on sports, you have to do your homework. You want to be thorough with your research and make calculated decisions. Working your bankroll will be great, but betting on games purely on what your bankroll allows you to bet on is a great strategy that will make money. Working your money management skills is also extremely important when betting on sports, because it will allow you to stop when you have too much risk on a bet. Using this strategy, even the most unlucky of gamblers will have a better chance of making a healthy return on their investment than someone who simply bets randomly.

Sports Betting Tip #4 – Away, On Deck

Using the odd-even basic betting strategy is one of the best ways to make money betting on sports. 2/2 or even 11 means you are almost assured of breaking even when you take a loss. However, making even money is really only possible if you bet enough. 11 is less likely to win so you need to bet high enough in order to get high returns. Any time you spend calculating your bet by hand will add more advantage to you.

Sports Betting Tip #5 – No Limit

Money management. This is the biggest misinterpreted and misunderstood concept by most betters. They want the flexibility of being able to bet small and win big, but they just fail to realize that unless you bet big you can’t win anything at all. Try controlling your size bets and learn to tell apart the winning streaks from the losing ones. When you bet enough you will start to notice a distinct difference in your returns.