How to Play Texas Hold Em

How to Play Texas Hold Em

Have you ever wanted to learn a new and easier way to play Texas Hold Em AfaPoker? I’m going to reveal to you a simple and effective strategy you can use to win a lot of money very quickly, called a post-flop steal. Get rid of your weak cards and take down the pots you get to without showing down your hands.

This isn’t a very advanced poker strategy, but it’s very easy to implement and works a lot of the time. Try it out today if you want success in your game in the near future.

First, you aren’t allowed to see a flop if you haven’t hit anything on the flop (also called the big blind). Rule of thumb – you need at least top pair to call. When you hit something on the flop, you are in a very strong position to win the pot.

Say for example you have Q-9 and small blind is currently betting $1. The flop comes down K-Q-4. You have top pair! You are probably in a pretty good position to win the pot here. Again, this is a hand you are likely to have a strong hand against the random players at the table.

The next thing you need to decide is whether to bet the pot or not. Let’s say everyone checks round to you and you bet $1. That bet, if it should hit, you will have a very strong hand vs the random players out there. However, there is a possibility that your opponent hit just about anything on the flop. You need to bet here to represent a strong hand, which will probably scare quite a few players off to your left.

If you have a very strong hand you can bet here (after your opponent bets) and see if he likes his hand. Betting again on the turn should have a really strong hand. If you think you are beaten, but you have a draw, you can check to see the next card for free.

Reading your opponents is an extremely difficult and important skill to master. But, you can do a lot of things to make it easier such as employing a number of semi-bluffs. If you have a good read on an opponent you can make a strong continuation bet and deceive your opponent. When you hit the card you were waiting for, it’s almost time to fold. However, since you don’t want to lose money unless you have a very strong hand, you should sometimes call.

If you know your opponent is a solid player, there is a good chance you can bluff him out of a big pot. If you’re up against an opponent who is willing to call just about anything, your bluff will probably be called. If you’re up against an opponent like this, make sure you have a big hand before you bluff.

Making semi-bluffs

Semi-bluffing is betting or raising with a hand that is probably the best hand in play. However, you are not sure whether your hand will win the pot or not. By betting with a strong hand, you can make your opponent unsure of his choice and maybe fold when you have a strong hand.

A strong semi-bluff consists of a good number of cards, such as two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, or full house. A lot of times you will see this when you are in a late position and no one has bet before you.

To successfully pull off a semi-bluff move, you have to watch for definite tells, such as hesitating or checking. If you see your opponents are watching you or checking, you can bet strong and maybe they will put you on a hand or realize your intentions.

Poker Tells and how to use them

A strong semi-bluff is stronger than a strong bluff because it is possible to win the pot when called. However, when strong cards are required to execute the semi-bluff, you do not want to go out on a weak hand. In these situations it is best to just call or bet to see the turn. The turn is the last chance at a draw, but if you do not have at least a pair, there is a good chance you will lose the hand.

When you are playing at a table of loose players, it is harder to pull off a strong semi-bluff because players like totogether. However, you can still try to bet strong if you think it can win the pot. Do not risk betting unless you have a very good hand, someone is likely to call, and you will have fewer players in the pot after the flop.


If you do decide to make a strong semi-bluff move, version your hand into a strong hand. The most popular hands to do this are two pair, one pair, and two pairs.