Make Sure You Get the Right Swimsuit For Your Body

Make Sure You Get the Right Swimsuit For Your Body

It’s summer, the days are warm, and it’s time to hit the beach or pool. Whether you’re going to the beach, or just having a great time at the pool with your family and friends, it is important to have the right swimsuit for your body. Without the proper knowledge, you may end up with a swimming suit that does more harm than good – like eyes on a celebrity. Here are some important things to keep in mind when picking out the right swimsuit for your body type.

Large chested

If you have large breasts, it is very important that you choose a swimsuit that has enough fabric to disguise and support your breasts. Swimsuits that have ruffles, or are Lycra are fine. You may want to try a bikini top, as they look better on this type of chest. It’s also best to choose a swimsuit with triangle tops which put a bit more of a twist on your upper body and draw the eye up a bit.


If you’re curvy with a full bottom, you may want to try a bikini bottom with a little more fabric. Dark colored bottoms show off your curves better than light colors, and embellishments like ties, belts, ruffles and studs add a bit more glamour. You may also want to try a control tankini that will hide your tummy.


If you have a bulging middle, you may want to hide that by choosing a swimsuit that will loosen your straps. Such a bikini top will also help to release any bulges once your top is removed. If you’re not comfortable revealing that much skin, you can try a more modest tankini instead.

Short torso

Your best bet for getting away with a shorter torso is to choose a bikini bottom that is high cut. The top will stay above the middle of your torso, and will give the appearance of longer legs.

Long torso

You’re lucky, if you have a long torso. It’s easier to shop for a swimsuit than a dress, because the length will fit across the bust, waist, and hips, making your torso look longer.

You’re also lucky if you can have your swimsuit custom made. If you purchase one that’s made to your dimensions, it will fit better and look better than one that is too big or too small.

Choose a swimsuit in a dark color that will give you extra privacy. If you’re not going to be doing much swimming, you may want to go with a two piece.

Tankini tops will give the appearance of a flat stomach, but they provide a little extra coverage in the front.

A full fake tanned body is always best, but if that’s not viable, use a little. Just don’t use a tan-strap bikini.

A straw bathing suit will help you apply extra sunscreens, and they look cute at the beach.

If you’d like a more-than-shop-friendly bathing Pokerclub88 suit, shop at developed sites and secured sites with form fitting suits. Try to keep to one-color for more visual interest.

Shop with kids. Children love colored swimming suits as well, especially if they are in season or fun. But don’t get anything too flashy (or extremely realistic, unless that’s also cute).

Don’t try to cop out of the fabric, instead use your experience to focus it. Through experience, you will learn what fits you well.