Treating Gambling Youngstown as an Investment

Treating Gambling Youngstown as an Investment

Youngstown, Pennsylvania has been founded as a center for footwear and paper goods. Within a few years, these materials were outlawed and forced to leave the town. Most of the older shoe manufacturers left, and opened newer ones. Several started again, and the effort was Peace Dollars Acted by then President Theodore Roosevelt. Peace dollars helped to spur on the local economy and mented in establishments throughout the decades.

The authors of the gaming act did not consider gaming as a revenueener for the economy. Instead, gaming was placed inside of a separate section reserved forarter hard gambling devices such as slot machines and crushed poker worth 25 cents or less. In later years some of the gaming devices became popular and came in to separate sections of the casinos.

In recent years, there has been a renewed effort to legalize gambling throughout Pennsylvania. SB alluded in passing the statewide gambling initiative that was crafted by KD Lang and several other legislators. It would not have been possible to pass such a expansive bill during the Legislation Review within the last legislative session. A operable casino would be one of the many projects supported by this bill.

How exactly do you plan to finance a casino? The current gambling machine tax targeted at low income residents does not generate enough revenue to fund a casino. The revenue that is available today could be used to bolster the economy, but it could not solve the budget deficit. The gaming industry is a multibillion dollar industry that could one day create enough jobs and tax revenue to entirely fund the state’s needed services.

There is one significant fly in the ointment for gaming and casino investors. The state’s pension funds are not included in the gaming industry and thus gaming is not subject to the same protection as other assets used for public sector investment. Councilman Libertyeta has introduced a resolution asking the Pennsylvania General Manager of Community and Economic Development Kevin Griff to report to the Pennsylvania Commission on Gambling Industry regarding the legal status of gaming in Pennsylvania.

I wonder if the timing of these actions was coincidental. Now that Pennsylvania is under the pressure of budget shortfalls, perhaps they will be able to make informed decisions about riverboat casinos in the future. But I certainly wouldn’t bet on it.

Casino gambling is a destructive addiction that begins in our youth, as many as 50% of all youth have reported gambling at least once in the previous year. Gambling can be an emerging addiction, particularly in those adolescents and young adults who may not have developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol earlier.

One of the things that bothers me most about this is the fact that gaming becomes an obsession, a life-style, that marginalizes people from their families, friends, and their own homes. It begins when little kids play games on the family camper, it wins the mother’s heart, and it begins to spin a path that leads the gambler (or Rtp Live Slot Pragmatic Play) to isolation, anger, depression, and even physical pain.

If you know someone who fits our criteria, especially if your family member or friend has gambling addictions, then it’s imperative to seek treatment for them prior to their own addiction.

There are many providers of excellent advice and are willing to speak to anyone who may be suffering from a gambling addiction.

If you know someone who fits our criteria, especially if your family member or friend has gambling addictions, then it’s imperative to seek treatment for them prior to their own addiction.

Dustin Rica is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice and Head of Series in the award-winning PlayersOnly Poker Training.