Poker Strategy – Starting Hand Selection – Choosing the Right Hand

Poker Strategy - Starting Hand Selection - Choosing the Right Hand

You need a strong poker strategy in order to play Texas holdem with the best hope of bringing home the bacon. When you are playing no limit holdem and rapidly trying to build your stack in regards to Texas holdem you may be confused on how to play your hands. Through a thorough education on poker strategy you will be able to play with the best of it and be lead to win pots against your poker opponents. Being confused in the poker cards you are holding is one of the greatest sources of errors that your poker opponents will seek to take advantage of you. They are the experts in confusion and they feed on your mistakes. They are the experts in reading your mistakes because they too are experts at the same thing. The worse thing that could happen to you would be to get caught in a confused hand. They too will try to take advantage of you. Your decisions are not 100% clear, and the speed in which you make these decisions may not be. The poker players know this, and they too will try to take advantage of you. They are masters at distraction. They will play a hand that will take your focus off your own hand and put it on a different hand that they have. The poker players know that you are not missing your own hand in hopes that they will take your focus off with a distraction. Online no limit Texas holdem is filled with distractions. After all you are competing against a human player and a computer. The virtual player is distracted by the flashing lights of the spinning reels as well as the sounds of the other players. Human players cannot concentrate; they get distracted and fail to make the correct decisions. The computer chip is programmed to make the correct decisions. So even if you do not have the best hand, you can still win a pot. There are a lot of poker software programs on the market that claim to be able to help improve your poker play, but remember, it is a computer playing the game and not you. They are simply reading the information given to them by the poker software program to come up with their decision. The decision is programmed into the poker software program to eliminate the human emotion and poker skills necessary for success in the game. Unlike you and me, the computer does not have your finite human emotions and thinking skills that allow you to make the correct decisions. The poker software is simply reading what you are doing and exists solely to support the poker strategy you wish to use. Can these programs really increase your odds of winning? Yes, they can. The trick is in knowing when to use them and how. The computer programs that allow you to participate in online games such as pokersites and cash games are monitoring your poker cards and have a predetermined set of actions that will support your particular hand. You may not be sure that the program is truly taking the lead in a game, because it is still you making the decisions on what play to do. Programs such as Holdem Indicator takes the human element out of the game and places the computer directly on your table. It is nothing more than a calculator sitting there taking records and making calls for you. Does this take the fun out of playing online poker? It sure does. But, if you know what you are doing, you will find that the program does exactly what it is supposed to do, except that it allows you to do more than just click a button. It will support you in every way possible. You can see all of your hands, and it will show the times and dates that you played each hand. You will be able to see and compare statistics that other online players are not able to see. This is prime real-time poker advantage over your opponents. If you are new to online poker, or just want to get some action in on a live game, you can use Holdem Indicator to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents. It is well worth the investment, once you get used to the way the software works.

Many poker players online have found that they do very well while playing on sites such as Bodog Poker or Mega88 Stars. They have found that they have developed their own unique poker strategy that allows them to do very well while playing on these sites. They have found that they have been able to take the guesswork out of poker betting and slow-play strong hands, make good calls with poor hands, generate massive pots when holding a good hand, and continually use the auto-check button to catch and hold on to winning hands. It is almost too easy to win at online poker. Most new players to playing online poker will lose their first few times in the early going.